Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Day

Today is a big day. From 6-9pm tonight, Diece Boutique will be hosting my very first art opening! It's not a gallery and it's not a black tie affair. Instead it's going to be casual and relaxed. The venue is the perfect spot for a first timer like myself. The art space is great and I like the theme of the shop - eco-friendly and green as it gets.

I have done a lot to prepare for this event such as getting my photos up and on the walls, designing/distributing postcards (although a little late doing so), getting the website to function (although still not in the layout or with the content I would like), constantly updating folks on Facebook, advertising at work, and the list goes on. While it doesn't sound like much, hours have been put into atempting to make this somewhat of a success. For example, It was hard to choose what eight photos I wanted to display out of the hundreds that I have...choose what I personally like, what I think others will like, what fits the demographic, etc. Difficult decisions, people!! Today alone, I've been second guessing myself: "Should I bring more photos to display?" "Should I switch photos out?". And I keep thinking of things that I should have create an online guestbook. So it is 1:30, I'm at work, and I'm still scrambling to get things together, but I'm sure it will all be worth it later tonight!!!

Here's to the last minute :)