Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fireplace = ZzZzZz

One thing I love about coming home to Northeast Pennsylvania for the holidays is catching up on the rest that I don't get while I'm working, living, studying, shooting, and playing in Maryland.  The everyday hustle and bustle can definitely wear one down, and after so much of it, I think my body forgets how to truly relax. Coming home though, reminds me really quickly on how to do that because I can just let all of that stress go, wear sweatpants for days, turn off my cell phone, eat until I can't move and have no other choice but to sleep it off, and have fireplace induced magic naps on the couch whenever its lit.  Our fireplace is like a homemade sleeping pill, because whenever it's lit and I am in the same room, I immediately pass out...every time.  I snapped the last photo right before I threw on another log and curled back up on the couch to go back to sleep.

No deadlines, no schedule, no email or cell, no school, no alarms, plenty of naps, plenty of food, and a cozy fire while the snow falls is just what the doctor ordered to prepare me for my 2011 photography endeavors.  2010 really hit it home as I seriously starting creating a photo career from scratch, so stay tuned for Lisa Dierolf Photography's business plans and goals for 2011!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Apples to App...err, Skulls?

 My Product and Still Life class is finally coming to a close.  Here are some photos:

Black plexi table top, white plexi background with a 10 degree grid behind, softbox front right, spot grid far right
Softbox, top right
 (I forgot props and it was all I could find in the storage closet, ok?)
Black plexi, ambient from the candles, and a 5 degree grid from above the skull