Monday, April 12, 2010

One of those 60 Second Recaps

To answer those who ask me about how I got my start, here is a quick recap of the journey thus far:

I started this little endeavor as a hobby and completely from scratch in 2007.  First I was sailing with my parents in Annapolis and submitted a picture I took to the boat's photo contest.  I won the contest and scored a free Boat and Breakfast. Then I was walking down Charles St. in Baltimore one day and found the Funky Beehive where I started selling my genuine surprise, like hot cakes. Then I had my friend in Texas make me a website.  Then I bought a SmugMug website so I could self manage it. Then people started asking me to do family photos.  Then the Funky Beehive moved to Puerto Rico :(. Then I discovered Light Room. Then, my awesome camera and I flew to Rhode Island to stay with an internationally known sailing photographer,who I never met ,who graciously welcome me to his home and his world. Then I realized my awesome camera was actually really crappy and I really need to buy better equipment, but you have to start somewhere, right? Then on the flight home from Rhode Island I sat next to Gary Jobson.  I didn't know who that was until I Googled him later, but he complemented me as I showed him the pictures I took of his boat. Then I had my first show at Diece Boutique and sold two pictures. Then winter came and I neglected my camera until the ridiculous blizzard.  The Diece Closed down :(. Now it's spring. I decided I might try to sell at the Federal Hill Festival, but I'm apprehensive about it. I joined a local group of photo pro's and we meet monthly to talk business, ideas and show our work.  I joined the American Society of Media Photographers.  I applied to Boston Univeristy's Center for Digital Imaging Arts and was accepted to their Professional Digital Photography Certificate program (in D.C.).  I don't know how I/who will pay for it yet, but I am definitely going and believe it will work out somehow.  Last Saturday I shadowed another photographer, this time for weddings.  I learned a lot, but don't think it's my thing.  And my back still hurts today, Monday.  Plan for the future:  Work full-time as a photog by January 2012.