Monday, February 14, 2011

Shawn Miller - Comedian

Fellow Strobist apprentices, Dave Kile and Erik Couse, joined me in shooting friend and comedian Shawn Miller.  Shawn needed some professional promotional material for his upcoming website and gigs in the District, so I was really excited to take an afternoon shooting a friend...with friends!  Here are couple and don't forget to follow Shawn on Twitter (@shawncomedy) for some comic relief throughout the day:


  1. Lisa nice job. A lot of fun working with and Erik on this project. Shawn was a blast that day. I guess that's way comedians make you laugh. Look forward to the next day at the studio!

  2. Awesome first steps, but I predict you won't need the security of that studio very long.

    I can see that fourth pic juxtaposed in front of *so* many cool backgrounds in DC. Some of which you might not even get arrested for shooting in front of!

    Very cool to see you jumping in with both feet.