Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Travel - Change on the Horizon

Raul Castro eases Cuban travel reform, Cuban blogger and underground Twitter activist Yoani Sanchez finally gets a passport, Hugo Chavez dies, seven Cuban ballerinas defect,  Americans kidnap their children and head to Cuba, Beyonce and Jay-Z “legally” flaunt their 5th wedding anniversary. 

There has been a lot of Cuban buzz and activity in the news since I returned from an under-the-radar trip to La Habana in early March.   Perhaps more than normal.  Before Cuba’s economy and political arena’s start to gain more momentum towards progression and change, I wanted to document Habana Vieja’s people, food and culture so myself and others could one day remember what the country once was;  a failed attempt at socialism and an oppressed society completely cut off from information and global communication.  The photos below represent an average post-Soviet day-in-the-life of a Cuban citizen in 2013.

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