Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lucky 15

I was one of the lucky 15 who got the chance to shoot alongside David Hobby, aka Strobist, at the Howard County Conservancy.  It was a long, inspiring, day and it was incredible to see how the scenery changed as the light moved hour by hour.  Aside from the cause and the photos, what really made this day special were the people involved.  Not only were they all  stellar photographers, but they were really helpful, great to talk to and bounce ideas off of.  David himself was super nice, funny, laid back, and willing to educate...his personality really set the mood for the whole shoot.  Thanks again, everyone, for a fantastic day and experience!!!


  1. They are all nice, except that last one. Whassup with that?

    FYI, turnabout is fair play:


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  3. Scuse deletion - fat fingers!!!


    Great stuff, Lisa, and so nice to meet you, David, and all the others! I've got a blogpost which should publish tomorrow morning (while I'm onstage singing a recital in DC, in fact - gotta love technology for letting me do some multitasking!) so keep an eye out for it at

    How'd the ones of the smith-shop come out, with the flash setup we tried? :)

  4. Nice photos Lisa. Very cool stuff.

  5. Thanks everyone!! It was a great day!

    David - that last photo is pretty much looks into your soul. epic, bro. haha :-P

  6. Great pictures Lisa, it was nice to meet you.